Employment and Workforce Executive Director Dan Ellzey’s Statement

“It is another month of good news for South Carolina. The unemployment rate dropped  for the eighth consecutive month – to 4.2%. The number of jobs rose to 2,302,743, which continues to  exceed the record-setting number of jobs we had in months prior to the pandemic. South Carolina’s  strong growth is something to celebrate,” said S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce Executive  Director Dan Ellzey. 

“Even with all of the jobs added to the workforce in the past several months, there are still more than  100,000 jobs posted in the SC Works Online System (SCWOS). This is another testament to the strength of  the economy. Even with the dramatic increase in jobs over the past months, employers are still ready to  hire 100,000 additional people,” continued Ellzey. 

“Employers who are having challenges finding workers should reach out to us for assistance. We have  Individual Employer Programs, in-person and virtual job fair and hiring event services, education and  training opportunities, job matching and referral programs, recruiting services and more. We are also  happy to talk with you about a specific pilot program that we could build together to help attract and  retain employees. And, all of that is free,” said Ellzey. 

“For job seekers, this means that the time is right to find work in your local area. If you need help finding  positions for your experience and skill set, need someone to give you resume feedback and assistance,  want to attend a reemployment workshop, or are interested in hiring activities happening all over the  state, the representatives in the SC Works centers are ready to help,” said Ellzey.